Austin DF Regatta Race #4

(Photo courtesy of Dr. Keith Tolk)

April 9th was forecast to mostly deliver a cloudy but windy experience for the DF regatta of the month. The forecast was wrong for Berry Creek Pond in Sun City. We were greeted with little to no wind and sporadic rain.

This regatta was to be unique as the DragonFlite 95 had been released in early March and it was scheduled for its official Texas regatta debut. But up first was the DragonForce 65. There were 20 boats at the start for the first race of the day. The starting timer hit zero and the boats were ghosting across the line as the wind had died in the last few seconds of the start. Two laps and an hour later and the first race was officially finished. UGH.

Luckily the first race was an exception. While the promised 15-20 mph winds never materialized, the wind did fill in enough to eventually get 9 races completed by the 3pm finish.

Chris Macaluso won the regatta as he is wont to do but it was, I think, a unique win for Chris as he managed only one 1st place finish out of the nine races. While that is certainly not a typical result for Chris, he was consistent all day and that top level consistency paid off at the end of the day. Chuck and Budman figuratively slugged it out all day only to end up with the same of points earned at the end of the day.

Bill Foster, in what may have been his first official DF65 regatta, posted 8 very competitive finishes in the top ten after the throwout disposed of his only finish outside the top ten.

To date, there have been better that 30 DF65 skippers who have raced in the Texas DF Series this year! The full table is below for this weekend’s regatta.


Here is a good example of the type of racing that you can experience with a Restricted One Design boat. This is rounding the windward mark and the offset.

(Photo courtesy of Dr. Keith Tolk)

After the DF65s, the DF95s hit the water!  There were 10 boats at the start for this first Texas DF95 regatta and the racing was quick and close. The DF95 is an exceptionally smooth sailing experience. With just a little burst of wind, especially on a reach, the DF95 accelerates very quickly. It tends to carve it way around marks and upwind settles into a groove and tracks very cleanly. Such a fun sail!


It keeps the skippers attention as well. Here we see Chris, Fred and Diana focused on their DF95s.

Here are the current overall standings.

The next regatta is the White Rock in Dallas, May 21-22!


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