2017 Round the Rocks Victoria Regatta

(photo credit to Sylvia Demayuga)
The 2017 Round the Rocks Regatta is in the books. Hosted by the Sun City RC Modelers and the Austin Model Sailing Club, the regatta was graced with a beautiful day to race and, for the most part, good velocity for most of the day. Wind direction on Berry Pond is always variable. ALWAYS. We did manage to only have to change the course once during the regatta and big thanks to Chris for manning the canoe. Chris also managed to paddle across the pond quickly to rescue a sinking Vic before it completely dropped to the bottom. Good news for the skipper who was able to continue racing the rest of the day. We had 21 competitors on the starting line and good racing was witnessed all through the fleet. As is usually the case on Berry Pond, the winds can be really test your mettle with at times one whole side of the pond going slack of wind awhile the others is sporting 6-7 knots. If you pick the wrong side you can watch half the fleet roll past you on one leg. Although to be fair, you might make it up on the next leg.

Not surprisingly, current Victoria U.S. National Champion Chris Macaluso took 1st with 18 points in 11 races including 6 bullets. Bob Piper put in an excellent showing scoring 23 points with 4  bullets. Frankly, these two were the class of the regatta as there was a bit of gap between them and Bruce Huckaba who took third with 52 points. Mark Cooper and Bud Garcia rounded out the top five with scores of 54 and 61 respectively. Bud also scored the remaining bullet.

Again, a big thanks to all who took time to travel to the regatta helping to make it a success! Also, a shout out to Lyle Bishop to keeping score and John Price for entering the score data.

Regatta Scoresheet: 2017_RRR_Victorias_3-25-17

Scoring by swlogo40


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