Texas Dragons Series DF65 at Bridgeland 5/20/17

16 sailors met in Houston at Bridgeland Lake on 5/20/17 to play with toy boats. The forecast was threatening storms rolling in a 1pm so we started sailing at 11am hoping to get some good races in. The wind varied from 0-12 and oscillated from SE to S throughout the day. The storms never materialized at least at the lake. This was the Texas Dragon Series 1st regatta where A+ rigs were available for use. There were a total of 3 A+ rigs on the water.

Throughout the regatta, the wind conditions were generally toward the lighter side favoring the A+ rigs. Because of this, I must give recognition to Phil Runquist and A.J. Moritz, two A rig only sailors, who both scored bullets via better sailing not more canvas. The racing was spirited and serious business but still fun as after all these are toy boats. At the end of the day, Fernando Campoverde, with his secret A+ rig tuning, won  first place by a generous margin. He was followed by Russ Gardner, Fred Sheldon, Phil Runquist, and A. J. Moritz. That lot, rounding out the top 5, were separated by a total of 4 points.  Fred got the position over Phil by tie break.

Also, I want to extend a big thank you to Mark Cooper. He had rudder issues with his boat first thing in the morning. He chose to RD for us the rest of the day. He called a good line for us and captured all the finishes for us.  Also, while I haven’t seen any photos yet, Lee Ray was taking photos during the regatta and hopefully we can get some posted at a later time. Additionally, I want to extend a big welcome to Lee Ray and Steve Schmidt who were both sailing in their first regatta. Welcome aboard guys!  Finally, thanks to Team Houston for hosting the regatta!

Sailwave results for at 2017



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